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Soldering info

Soldering is a process in which two or more metal items are joined together by melting and flowing a filler metal (solder) into the joint, the filler metal having a lower melting point than the adjoining metal. Soldering is used in electronics to connect pins of components to the pads on the board. Solder is the filler metal in this process. In soldering equipments category materials and tools that can be used in soldering processes are listed.

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For different soldering processes, different filler metals can be used. For electronics soldering, the filler solder eutectic has %63 tin and %37 lead (or 60/40 which has similar performance to eutectic).

Eutectic materials melt in a single point instead of a range between two points. Since there is not a plastic phase and has the lowest possible melting point it has great advantages when soldering. Movements in the plastic phase causes fractions in the solder and that makes it harder to create reliable connections with non eutectic solders.

The most common solder alloys are tin/lead alloys.

  • 63/37: melting point 183 °C (361.4 °F) (eutectic)
  • 60/40: melting range 183–190 °C (361–374 °F)
  • 50/50: melting range 185–215 °C (365–419 °F)

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