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Sumo robot kits are sets consisting of robotic materials to build a sumo robot. Sumo robots are autonomous robots built for sumo robot competitions. Sumo robot competitions are not just for testing the physical power and durability of robots. The control methods of the robots are also tested in these competitions. For that reason sumo robots should have perfect mechanical and electronics designs.

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Although it changes in different competitions, sumo robot competitions generally have these rules:

  • Robots cannot exceed a determined weight.
  • The starting width and height of a robot cannot exceed determined values.
  • Robots should be completely autonomous, they cannot be controlled after a match starts.
  • Robots should wait for a given amount of time after the match starts.
  • Robots cannot leave the marked area after the match starts.

As it can be seen from the general rules, sumo robot competitions not only test the mechanical structure of the robot, but also test the electronic structure and control method. While mechanical structure and durability avoids the robot to be pushed out of the ring, electronic design avoids the robot to leave the area by mistake and make the robot wait for a given duration after the match starts. The robot also has to locate the position of its rival in the match. The use of sensors to locate the other robot is another responsibility of the electronic design.

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