UCE-DSO210 Oscilloscope (2 Channels 2 MHz 10Msps)

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UCE-DSO210 Oscilloscope (2 Channels 2 MHz 10Msps) info

The UCE-DSO210 is a new design 10Msps oscilloscope. Electronic maintenance, circuit design and simple engineering tasks, etc. Use in areas is suitable.

General characteristics of the device;

Display: 3.2 inch 320 × 240 pixel resolution color and touch TFT
Customization: The color design of the screen can be determined by the user
Number of channels: 2 (BNC connector)
X-Y mode
Analog Bandwidth: 2MHz
Maximum sampling rate: 10Msps 12bit
Sampling depth: 8192 data
Input impedance: 1MΩ
Vertical sensitivity: 200mV / div ~ 20V / div
Horizontal sensitivity: 1.25us / div ~ 500ms / div
Maximum input voltage: ± 10V (X1 probe), ± 100V (X10 probe)
Supply voltage: 5V (mini USB)
Trig modes: Run, single, Hold functions
Trigger capture: rising / falling edge, adjustable level
Waveform functions: Automatically; Frequency, tone duration, toff duration, period duration, peak-to-peak voltage, amperage voltage, RMS voltage measurement
Test signal: 1KHz 50% duty-cycle square wave, 3.3Vpp
Cursor: differential measurement both vertically and horizontally
FFT analysis: 512-point improved FFT analysis and THD calculation (input: CH-A)
Signal generator: sinus, sinC, square, triangle, sawtooth, arbitary voltage waveform generator (0 ~ 3.3V, output: CH-A)
PC connection: driver does not require USB HID protocol
PC interface software to control the device
Software update: Software update feature via USB (bootload)
Menu language: english
Product content:

Two X1, X10 probes
USB cable
Touch screen pen



Display 3.2 inch 320x240 pixel 3.2 inch 320x240 pixel
Probe Connector BNC BNC
Number of Channels 2 2
Analog Bandwidth 1 MHz 2 MHz
Maximum sampling value 5 Msps, 12 bit 10 Msps, 12bit
Sampling Depth 6000 samples 8192 samples
Input Impedance 250 kΩ 1 MΩ
Probe X1 X1, X10
Maximum Input Voltage ± 10V (X1 Probe) ± 10V (X1 Probe), ± 100V (X10 Probe)
Vertical sensitivity 200mV / div ~ 20V / div 200mV / div ~ 20V / div
Horizontal sensitivity 2.3us / div ~ 100ms / div 1.25us / div ~ 500ms / div
FFT Analysis 128 points 512 points
Operating Voltage 5V (mini USB) 5V (mini USB)
Current consumption 0.13A 0.18A
Size 98.7 x 66 mm,
119.9 x 66mm (including BNC) 94.5 x 65mm,
115.7 x 65mm (incl. BNC)


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