Warranty Conditions



The warranty conditions are those offered by the manufacturers. You may communicate with Robotpark or directly with the manufacturer. Robotpark is a reseller of many products and is not responsible in any case for the failure of a product manufactured by another company.


However, in the spirit of always wanting to better serve its clients, Robotpark is willing to serve as an intermediary to exchange and communicate with the manufacturer in order to ensure that the client receives a satisfying service for which he paid. Along these lines, Robotpark does not tolerate suppliers that do not take responsibility for their defective products.


5 years warranty on a large selection of domestic robots


Robotpark 5 Years Warranty


The Robotpark 5 Years Warranty is applicable on certain selected items only, such as all Robot Vacuums for example the iRobot Roomba robot vacuums, the Neato Robotics robot vacuums, some Pet Care Products such as the Litter-Robot and some Robot Floor Cleaners . This warranty is applicable for a normal non-commercial use of these products only.


This warranty is supported directly by the Robotpark Robot Repair Center. If a product is covered by the Robotpark 5 Years Warranty, it will be indicated in the product description.


Robotpark repairs or replaces the defective product free of charge, during its useful lifespan (5 years for Domestic Robots) if the defect is caused by a problem with the material or manufacturing of the product. Normal maintenance of the item is not covered by this warranty (such as the replacement of the battery, brushes, filters etc.) An excessive use of the robot will cancel the warranty just as the fact of opening or modifying of the unit. Shipping to and from Robotpark are the responsibility of the customer. Please contact us for an RMA # along with a proof of purchase.



Robot Kits:

It is important to note that robot kits may not be exchanged or refunded once they are assembled in part or in entirety. Only defective components will be replaced if the need arises. Along these lines, please carefully read the construction instructions for the robot and ensure that they are understood before commencing construction. Work carefully on a clean table and take regular breaks in order to maintain your concentration. Our manufacturers provide the necessary instructions for proper construction of their robot kits but can not be held responsible for mistakes made by the builder.


Specialized Components:

The same goes for all specialized components and robot parts. All products sent back to Robotpark on warranty will be inspected in order to determine if the problem was caused by a manufacturing problem and not improper use.