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Wing Flapping Robots

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Wing flapping robots are able to fly by flapping their wings like birds and insects. The idea behind building wing flapping robots is to create robots that have small size, high maneuverability and hovering ability like their biological counterparts, birds and insects. The main advantages of wing flapping robots are their high maneuverability and their ability to glide for low energy flying.

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Despite being energy efficient robots, wing flapping robots don’t have much lifting capacity. The most difficult part for the designers is the necessity to produce a lightweight robot. Similar to birds and insects, wing flapping robots should be lighter than other flying alternatives.

Air is a suitable environment for swarm robotics applications due to the scarcity of obstacles and the robots are generally small and light. Therefore wing flapping robots are suitable for swarm robotics applications.

The most advanced wing flapping robot studies and prototypes are developed by FESTO. The firm has a very sophisticated wing flapping robot design inspired by birds.

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