A3967 Stepper Motor Driver

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A3967 Stepper Motor Driver info

EasyDrive stepper motor driver card V4.4 A3967 which is one of the latest version of the series, is a driver card that allows step motor control with all microcontroller and development cards which can give 0 to 5V digital output, especially Arduino.
You can drive any 4-wire stepper motors you want with the driver that supports motor voltages from 7 to 20V. You can limit the current with the potentiometer located on the card. In this way you can control your stepper motors with higher voltages than the nominal voltage values. The EasyDrive stepper motor driver card can output from 150mA to 750mA per phase.
Do not remove or install a stepper motor while applying voltage to the card, and do not change the location of the cables. There is a male header in the product package, but no solder.

  • A3967 MicroStep drive integration
  • Compatible with 4, 6 and 8 wire stepper motors.
  • Output current is adjustable between 150mA and 750mA.
  • Supply voltage 7 - 20V
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