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Motor Driver

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Motor drivers can be classified as step motor drivers, DC motor drivers and PWM generator modules that can be used for controlling servo motors. PWM generator boards are not actually motor drivers, but since they are used for controlling servo motors they can be classified as a motor driver. Besides these modules there are multiple motor driver boards which are used to drive different kinds of motors alone.

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Motor drivers are needed because voltage and current provided by a microcontroller pin is not high enough to drive a motor. Motor drivers are integrated circuits which need extra circuits to work properly. Motor driver boards consist of the circuits needed for the IC to work properly and possibly some extras like regulator circuits etc.

Motor driver boards are designed same as motor driver shields, but their pinouts don’t have to be suitable for any microcontroller platform. For that reason they can be used with any microcontroller or without a microcontroller. There is not a general pinout pattern for these boards.

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