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Line Follower Robot Kits

Line Follower Robot Kits info

Line follower robot kits are sets consisting of materials to create a line follower robot. Line follower robots are robots that track a distinctly colored line. Line follower robots are the most basic applications in robotics. The relationship between sensor, controller and actuator can easily be understood with line follower robot applications.

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The sensors on the front side of a line follower robot determine the line position relative to the robot. The controller processes the data coming from the sensors and decides the action to be taken to continue tracking the line. The actuators apply the action to be taken decided by the controller. These actions are controlling the speed of the motors of the robot. Depending on the line position the robot has to turn left or right. The action decided by the controller is applied by setting different motor speeds to turn right or left. After the line following condition is satisfied, by tweaking the controller, the overall performance of the line follower robot can be increased.

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