Line Follower Robot Kit

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Line Follower Robot Kit info

  • Apply for Project Assignments and Robot Competitions
  • The robot program is provided free of charge
  • Our robotics kit is shipped in disassembled parts with program loaded, you can get it in assembled.
  • Requires simple soldering and 1 hour montage

The line tracking robot is the kind of bit robot you can easily do to start the robot. You can quickly enter the hobby robotics world with the robot kit that follows the line. Our Robot Kit comes in dematerial with all materials and it takes 1 hour to build. If you get assembled, you can run it right away.

Arduino Nano microcontroller and L293D Motor Drive are used.
The Robotics Program is written in Arduino
The program will be given free of charge to anyone who takes our robot kit.
You can make changes on the program Apply to Improve

Black ground can be run on a white striped track, white ground can be run on a black striped track

Line Following Robot Materials (All the materials needed for the robot are being sent)

  • Rocket Basic Robotics Card Ver 5.0
  • Line Following Sensor Card
  • 6V 180 Rpm Motors x 2
  • Thin Wheels x 2 or 32x7 poles Wheel x 2
  • Mini Robot Body x 1
  • Ball Caster x 1

It works with 9v battery. You can use Duracell batteries not available in set content.

It is a basic robot kit, very useful as a first step in robotics.

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