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Object Avoiding Robot - Prex info

The robot program is provided free of charge
Our robots are being shipped in demounted parts
Requires simple soldering, installation takes 1 hour.

Arduino Nano microcontroller and L293D Motor Drive are used.
The Robotics Program is written in Arduino
The program will be given free of charge to anyone who takes our robot kit.
You can make changes to the program Apply to Improve;

What's in the Robot Kit?

  • Rocket Basic Robotics Card Ver 5.0
  • MZ80 Sensor x 2
  • 6V 180 Rpm Motors x 2
  • Slim Wheel Wheels x 2
  • Mini Robot Body x 1
  • Ball Caster x 1

It is a basic robot kit, very useful as a first step in robotics.

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