SLT20P Heavy Silicone Wheel - 2 Pcs

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SLT20P Heavy Silicone Wheel - 2 Pcs info

It is a special soft silicone wheel made for professional projects for grades!
It has maximum friction.
Rims are specially made of hard steel
These wheels are used in many robot projects with a degree!
We produce robot wheels for mini sumo and line follower robots.
Rubber material shore 20 hard as it is solid. (Special Formula with Polyurethane Additive)
Inner bore diameter is 3mm.
The wheel is mechanically connected to the motor shaft with a setscrew screw.
Outside diameter: 33 mm, Width: 21 mm
Weight: 44 gr (Tires: 8 gr, Wheels: 36 gr)
Here are our engine models for this wheel. (All models with 3 mm motor shaft are suitable).
Our SLT20 model wheels are produced with fewer units because of the need for heavy production workmanship.

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