25mm DC Motor Package - Makeblock

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25mm DC Motor Package - Makeblock info

25mm DC Motor Package - Makeblock

34 with a reduced 25mm Medium strength MakeBlock set with motor, pulley and necessary connections

25mm DC Engine Package Features

Electrical mechanical properties
Operating Voltage1: 6VDC
Reduction ratio: 34: 1
Torque: 1,5Kg.cm
Idle speed: 185 rpm
Load cycle: 135 rpm
Idle Current: <200mA
Maximum Current:> 2,0A
Direction of rotation: counterclockwise
Vertical Swing: 0.05-0.5mm
Horizontal Swing: <0.02mm
Diameter, Height: 25 X 53,5mm including reducer
Shaft diameter, length: incl. 3mm x 25mm articulation
It is recommended that the motor be used below 25% of the maximum torque.
Package includes:

1 name. 25mm diameter 6V Motor
1 name. 25mm motor connection
1 name. Shaft connection
1 name. 90 toothed pulley
4 names. M4 X 14mm screw
8 names. M3 X 8mm nut screw
2 names. M3 X 5mm headless screw

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