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Mechanical Parts

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Mechanical parts are components that are used as the main structure of robotic systems. In mechanical parts category mechanical components such as CNC parts, plastic boxes, wheels and shafts, camera pan tilt, gears and gearboxes, metal and plastic spacers, motor holders, body chassis, hub, motor, wheel couplers are listed.

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Mechanical parts of robots are harder to produce compared to electronic parts. In mechanical system of a robot, body part which connects other robot parts, connection parts for motors to mount on the body, protective parts for the electronic system to mount on the body, mechanical parts to be added on the end of actuators can be listed.

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We produce robot wheels for mini sumo and line follower robots. Tire material is ShoreA 20 hard. (S..
It is a special soft silicone wheel made for professional projects for grades! It has maximum frict..
Compatible with RepRap Ramps 1.4, this 4x20 Character LCD Kit is an intelligent control card that yo..
The Tamiya 70101 truck tire kit includes the following:Four wheels: 36 mm diameter, 16 mm width ..
The Tamiya 70144 ball caster from Tamiya’s educational construction series is a small steel ball tha..
Tamiya 70101 kamyon tekerleği 36 mm çapında, 16 mm genişliğindedir. İki hub için 3mm altıgen milleri..
Description:The Makeblock Timing Belt Motion Kit contains frequently-used parts in  buildin..
130x85x68 Plastic Box - PAK-15W is a box consisting of plastic and metal parts that can be used as a..
145x129x61 Plastic Box - SBS-1005T is a box consisting of plastic and metal parts that can be used a..
MG995 is the hub connector that you can use in your servo motors. It has M3 screw holes to secure it..
About the Product 30x15mm Blue Silicon Sumo Wheel is a blue silicon wheel which has dim..
About the Product 30x15mm Blue Silicon Sumo Wheel (2 Pieces) contains two 30x..
37mm Motor Holder - Metal New
About the Product 42x19mm Wheel is a wheel which has dimensions 42mm x 19mm.  ..