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Any mechanical or electronic material you can use in your robotic projects are listed in Robot Parts category. Materials in robot parts consists of microcontrollers like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Adafruit Trinket or Adafruit Metro which behave like the brain of robots, actuators like DC, servo or step motors, batteries to be used as energy source in robots and various sensor types.

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Besides basic robotic materials, electronic boards, Arduino shields or Raspberry Pi HATs, electronic equipments like ICs or basic circuit elements and tools to create your own circuits are also listed in the robot parts category.

There are also mechanical parts to be used in mechanical structure of robots in robot parts category. The mechanical parts consist of CNC parts, plastic box, wheels and shafts, camera pan tilt kits, gears and gearboxes, metal spacers, motor holders, body chassis and hubs, motor and wheel couplers.


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8232 AD8232 Ekg physiological measurement Ekg Physiological measurement Heart pulse Ekg Monitor Sens..
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ARM Cortex-M3 Core103V is an STM32 development card that can be expanded in small sizes using the S..
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Our board's figure:1 The programming language is basically the same with Arduino, even the sourc..
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