Robot Arm – 4 Bar Linkage End Effector, Robot Gripper – 11037

This is an End Effector that uses a small standard size RC motor with a worm gear to to open and close the gripper. It uses a 4 bar linkage mechanism in it’s design which i will be using for an upcoming robotics project. Due to requests the Solidworks 2009 files of the gripper are posted below.



Robotee Pyhsics Engine Simulator

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 4 Bar Linkage Claw Game Gripper, One Worm Gear Input

This is a Claw for a crane game which i designed for a group project. The opening currently supports up to 2 inch square objects so it would be perfect to pick up candies and other small objects. This project is to complete requirements in both ME 154 (mechanical engineering design) and ME 106 (mechatronics) at SJSU.


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Download Robotic Arm 3D PDF
Download Robotic Arm PDF

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