Robotics Vehicle for Researchers and Makers -11061

Here is another Robotic Vehicle for Robotic Researchers. We will provide you with all 3D Printing .STL files in our Robot Projects Page

In this project we are targeting researches in robotics, artificial intelligence and computer vision as well as hobby robotics enthusiasts.

For this purposes, we identified and addressed the following key requirements:

  • should be complete open (hardware and software)
  • equipped with typical and widely used set of sensors
  • easy customizable to integrate new or different types of sensors and actuators
  • energy efficient yet powerful on-board computer
  • provide bi-directional communication link to transmit sensor and control data in real-time
  • set of software modules which support distributed data processing and provide hardware abstraction layer. It should let developers concentrate on experiments and applications of their core competences
  • considerably lower cost comparing to the similar available products

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