ROBOT ARM – 21117

There are numerous ways in which a robot arm can be designed. Different configurations are used for different purposes. Some robots, especially industrial robots, are nothing more than sophisticated robot arms. Robot arms are sometimes called manipulators, although technically this term applies to the arm and its end effector, if any. A robot arm can be categorized according to its geometry. Two dimensional (2-D) designs have work envelopes limited to a section of a flat plane.Most robot arms can work within a region of three-dimensional (3-D) space.

Some robot arms resemble human arms. The joints in these machines are given names like “shoulder,” “elbow,” and “wrist.” Some robot arms, however, are so very different from human arms that these names do not make sense.An arm that employs revolute geometry is similar to a human arm, but an arm that uses Cartesian coordinate geometry is far different.

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