A sentry robot is a specialized type of security robot that alerts people to abnormal conditions. Such a robot can be designed to detect smoke, fires,burglars, or flooding. A sentry robot might detect abnormal temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed, humidity, or air pollution.

In industry, sentry robots can alert personnel to the fact that something is wrong. The robot might not specifically pinpoint and identify the problem, but it can let people know that a system is malfunctioning. A fire, for example, generates smoke and/or infrared (IR), either or both of which can be detected by a roving sentry.

A high-end sentry robot might include features such as:

• Air-pressure sensing
• Autonomy
• Beacon navigation
• Computer map(s) of the environment
• Guidance systems
• Homing devices
• Intrusion detection
• Ladar
• Mobility
• Position sensing
• Radar
• Wireless links to controller and central station
• Smoke detection
• Sonar
• Speech recognition
• Tactile sensing
• Temperature sensing
• Vision systems


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