Modular Robot - iMobot (Intelligent Modular Robot)

Modular Robot – iMobot (Intelligent Modular Robot) – 11015

A novel modular robot design that incorporates four controllable degrees of freedom made up of two outer sections, and rotating faceplates at the ends of each outer section. The outer faceplates can rotate continuously, which enables individual modules to turn while crawling, or drive as though with wheels. This significantly increases the mobility of each module, allowing it to traverse a wide variety of terrain without an overcomplicated physical shape.

Demonstrations of Kilobot collective behaviors on up to 29 robots

Robot Swarms – KILOBOT PROJECT- 11014

In current robotics research there is a vast body of work on algorithms and control methods for groups of decentralized cooperating robots, called a swarm or collective. These algorithms are generally meant to control collectives of hundreds or even thousands of robots; however, for reasons of cost, time, or complexity, they are generally validated in simulation only, or on a group of a few 10s of robots. To address this issue, we present Kilobot, a low-cost robot designed to make testing collective algorithms on hundreds or thousands of robots accessible to robotics researchers.

MTRAN3 Modular Robot

Modular Robots – MTRAN3 – 11011

The M-TRAN system can change its 3-D structure and its motion in order to adapt itself to the environment. In small sized configuration, it walks in a form of legged robot, then metamorphoses into a snake-like robot to enter narrow spaces. A large structure can gradually change its configuration to make a flow-like motion, climb a step by transporting modules one by one, and produce a tower structure to look down. It can also generate multiple walkers. Possible applications of the M-TRAN are autonomous exploration under unknown environment such as planetary explorations, or search and rescue operation in disaster areas.