Hybrid Transforming Robot 11104

Autonomous Self-Reconfigurable Locomotive Robot: designed and built by Muhammad Hasan Shariq for BEng Mechanical Engineering Honours Project (2009-2010) at Heriot-Watt University.

Main Components:
1) Axon Microcontroller
2) 6V 3200mAh Re/ch. Battery
3) 1 Infrared Sensor
4) 2 Light Sensors
5) 21 Hitec Servos
6) Aluminium Brackets

1) Walk on four legs
2) Pass through a gap of minimum 8cm
3) Roll up a ramp up to 45º slope
4) Climb a height up to 12 cm
5) Crawl on irregular surfaces

Practical Applications:
1) Military missions
2) Exploration of planets
3) Rescue operations


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