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3D Printed Robot InMoov Open Source

Humanoid Robot which You Can Print At Home – DIY Robots -11056

Well this is not just a post. We have started a new project research which you can print with a 3D printer and do at home. We will provide source files, lots of images and lots of videos about this new project which is currenty developing. We need all robotee.com users’ help and support over this robotic project. Please go to our robot projects page and get more information about this humanoid robot with the following link.

Nao Robot

Aldebaran Robotics – Nao Robot 11029

NAO’s walking uses a simple dynamic model (linear inverse pendulum) and quadratic programming. It is stabilized using feedback from joint sensors. This makes walking robust and resistant to small disturbances, and torso oscillations in the frontal and lateral planes are absorbed. NAO can walk on a variety of floor surfaces, such as carpeted, tiled, and wooden floors. NAO can transition between these surfaces while walking.