ROBOCRAFT – Robot Game Released

A “build, drive, fight” game with online battles, 31043

Robocraft is a “build, drive, fight” game where the players engage in online battles in order to gain Robot Points (RP) and Tech Points (TP) to further advance their robotic vehicles. With Tech Points, the player can unlock better armour blocks, hardware, and weapons from a tech tree, which they can then purchase with Robot Points. Parts can also be purchased with “Galaxy Cash”, an in-game currency that must be purchased for real money; some cosmetic items are only purchasable with Galaxy Cash.

The player is given the freedom to customize their vehicle or robot in any way they like, as long as it does not exceed their in-game CPU limit (obscene or offensive models are also banned under the terms and conditions). The player’s CPU limit increases as the player levels up, and it restricts the player from adding too many blocks to their vehicle. Robots are also placed into Tiers based on an arbitrary rating assigned to each part. There are ten Tiers, from T1 to T10,

The game features a part-based damage model, where the basic parts of the vehicles must be destroyed with weapons in order to achieve a kill over an opponent. The player’s team will win once all enemy vehicles are destroyed. Alternatively, players can capture the enemy’s base to win the game. There are several


-Subatomic Machine Gun,
-Plasma Launcher,
-Rail Cannon,
-Nanotech Disruptor and
-Tesla Blades)
-Caterpillar Tracks,
-Hover Blades,
-Walker Legs, and
-Rotor Blades

While weapons cannot be mix-and-matched, propulsion systems can.


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