Robotic Mechanisms – RACK and PINION Gears 51033

Rack Gears Defined: a bar or rectangular gear (flat, no curvature) having straight teeth cut on the face, perpendicular to the axis of motion.

» Spur gear “opened” & “laid flat” on bore, teeth are cut on the face
» Designed to translate rotational into linear motion or vice versa
» Durable & ideal for high load applications
» Plastic, brass, steel, & aluminum are the materials generally used for manufacturing
» Automobiles, scales, lift mechanisms, shakers & guide mechanisms are just a few everyday machines where rack gears are used
» Rack gears are also used in construction equipments, X – Y axis tables, machine tools, marine hoists, multi-spindle drives & indexing equipments

Note: in order for rack & pinion gears to work together (mesh) they must have the same diametral pitch (pitch) & pressure angle (PA)

Rack & Pinion Gears – Drive Systems Overview


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