Sex Robots Key to Longer Life? 31024

Could sex with robots help extend human life spans? Some futurists seem to think so.

An  article on the futurist website Transhumanity argues that robot lovers could help extend life spans by giving users mind-blowing “longevity orgasms” far superior in quality to those from human “meat-bag” partners.

The link between orgasms and health is not unexplored. Some have argued that orgasms have significant health benefits, and “The Longevity Project,” a book about an eight-decade study of long-life factors, observed that women with higher frequency of orgasm during sex lived longer.”*

Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss the claims of the project, and how life would be different with sex robots. Has sex changed significantly with the introduction of vibrators? Would you want a sex robot? Steve Oh (COO of the Young Turks) weighs in with a little history.


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