Kåre Halvorsen

Kåre Halvorsen – Norway – Zenta Robotic Creations
My name is Kåre Halvorsen (aka Zenta) from the little country called Norway. I work as a consultant engineer at the Assistive Technology Centre for Rogaland (a part of the Norwegian Welfare Services). I’m a family father with  3 kids and a wonderful (and very patient) wife.

Since I was a little boy I’ve always been fascinated by robots, all kind of robots: biped’s, crawlers (quad,hexa- and octopods), robot arms, rovers and so on. But I started to get more serious about hobby robotics in 2006 when I tried building my first hexapod, highly inspired by the creations of Jim Frye (the owner of Lynxmotion) and Matt Denton’s (owner of Micro Magic Systems) elegant hexapods.

Some of mine creations are also highly inspired by nature, especial insects like ants. Check out the photo’s by Alexander Wild and you’ll see what I mean.