Linkages – EVANS STRAIGHT LINE 51013

A mechanism that produces a straight-line (or nearly so) output motion from an input element that rotates, oscillates, or moves in a straight line. Common machine elements, such as linkages, gears, and cams, are often used in ingenious ways to produce the required controlled motion. The more elegant designs use the properties of special points on one of the links of a four-bar linkage.

Four-Bar linkages that generate approximate straight lines are not new. In 1784 James Watt applied the concept to the vertical-cylinder beam engine. By selecting the appropriate link lengths, the designer can easily develop a mechanism with a high-quality approximate straight line.

Contemporary kinematicians have contributed to more comprehensive studies of the properties of the mechanisms that generate approximate straight lines. The work not only describes the various classical mechanisms, but also provides design information on the quality (the amount of deviation from a straight line) and the length of the straight-line output.

Evans Straight Line Simulator

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